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Why am I not getting any notifications?

If you’ve added an account and are sure that are you receiving new e–mails, first check that you don’t have any filters in Gmail that are archiving or deleting your messages.

Failing that, check that Notifications are enabled in macOS. Aura needs permission to show notifications to you. To change, go to System Preferences and choose Notifications. You should have Aura set to allow banners.

Does Aura support IMAP or POP3?

No. Currently Aura only has support for Gmail and Google Apps accounts. There are no plans to add support for other types of e–mail account.

Aura will use your default Gmail account as set in the accounts preferences. If no default account is set, the first Gmail account will be used.

Do you have access to my e–mails?

No, at no point does Aura collect or store any of your e–mail messages. I take your privacy very seriously, see the privacy policy for more information.

Is there any support for Google Inbox?

No, currently I am focused on Gmail and G Suite.

Contact support

Please send an e–mail to and I'll get back to you as fast as I can.