Rich Notifications for Gmail

With stars, threads and up to six accounts

Blaze Through Your Mail

Archive and trash messages in seconds

The macOS power app for Gmail and G Suite

Seriously fast. Incredibly light.

Aura is engineered from the ground up to use the core technologies of macOS.

Aura is a native app – that means it is lightening fast yet uses less than 30MB of memory.

Privacy and security by design.

Aura is not like other e-mail apps. Your credentials and e-mail are never shared or read. There’s no advertising, no spyware and no bloat. I try and write software I want to use.

Aura will never send you spam or add you to any mailing list

Aura never accesses your mail on any 3rd party servers (unlike Spark, Mailbox or Polymail)

Aura contains no analytics tracking you (again, unlike Spark)

Read the privacy policy to find out more.

Designed for macOS Sierra and High Sierra

Comments, questions, feedback or problems with Aura? I’ll reply as soon as I can.

A Really Useful App Designed and developed by Kit Cross